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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this morning a plane crash near sausalito was captured on camera. we will show you the footage. and fire staffing is down at a time of year when extra fire crews are usually being added. >> good morning. temperatures are comfortable now, the 50s and 60s, but a heat advisory in effect for the weekend, especially inland. >> good morning. we begin in a plane crash off the waters off sausalito. the pilot and passengers are okay. but in these days when almost everyone walks around with a camera of some kind, the incident did not go unrecorded. we have the story. >> this is video of the hydroplane attempt to go take off off bridgeway boulevard in sausalito.
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the plane started to takeoff and apparently hit a wake. it flipped nose first into the bay. this man was sitting in the restaurant as it came by. >> it floated along and gunned engine and went by the restaurant. it had a lot of speed and looked like it started to get a little airborne and hit a wake i think from a boat and shot up and went slamming down into the water. >> jennifer saw the plane and started taking pictures as her boyfriend called 911. >> they just skimmed the water. they didn't bounce any great height at all. >> sausalito police chief, jennifer at the -- tehada said it's being called an incident, not an accident. >> as the plane flipped over it had two occupants, two males who were able to get out of the plane without any injuries. they were taken to shore by some private boaters. >> octavia watched the rescue
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from home. >> they had to like swim or paddle, whatever you want to call it, like 15 feet or something to the tugboat and then they got on. >> both people were taken medical attention but did not require hospitalization. it grew a huge crowd that gathered to see what happened. these photos were taken by two who were looking out of their sausalito condo at coop 28. they show the two-seater as it sits in the water. >> the police say there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the incident. they are now trying to figure out how to get the plane out of richardson bay. in sausalito, abc7 news. a san jose state university professor has won $750,000 for the loss of papers he owned written by albert einstein. dan stass also lost two cabins. but it was the loss of the einstein papers that were written to stass' father that
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worked with einstein may have weighed most heavily. >> they weren't just random calculations, they were in relationship to a field that he was trying to accomplish, a theory he was trying to accomplish. there's not a lot of writings on his field theory. >> and he shared some blowups of his writings. the fire also scorched nearly $15,000 ache speakers destroyed other structures and homes. >> the fire that killed two san francisco firefighters last month is believed to be accidental. the cause. the fire on berkeley way that killed firefighters vin per -- vincent perez and anthony valerio was most likely electrical in nature. what firefighters determined is the fire started on the first floor of the four story home on diamond heights. an official report is scheduled to be released next month. 4th of july weekend is a busy time for most fire station.
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most stations have extra staff on duty but several in santa cruz county are soundth alarm. this weekend one agency will be at their lowest level ever for a 4th of july weekend. we spoke to them about those cut backs. >> this fireworks are already oe in some parts of the bay area. it's always a concern for local fire departments. that's why the norm, especially on the 4th of july, is to increase staffing. >> in general we usually would like to have an extra engine, sometimes two or three, and we also have paid called firefighters here. >> this year things will be different at central fire in santa cruz county, which is responsible for so cal, cap toll law. >> we don't have enough to protect those areas. if there's a few fires going on
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we can only grab one at a time. >> this year they have a normal compliment for monday evening though that's different than past years. >> any extra engines on the streets for the 4th. the lower staffing levels are a sign of the times. >> the public has to understand that in an era of declining budge, we will see less public resources available. >> central fire's main concern is for homeowners on the cliff because of access issues, and for those who live near dry vegetation, like this grass which is known to smolder for hours if a bottle rocket lands in it. >> it's sad they don't have the money. and i wish we did. >> but central fire isn't the only department struggling because of budget constraints. today san jose's fire department announced it can't afford to staff every piece of appear rat us in its arsenal. that means two engines will go out of service every single day. >> our city can't afford to go
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below two. the city has a million people and we are already understaffed with the amount of firefighters and trucks so there's no way we will go below two. >> the department heads already feel stretched thin. 45 firefighters were laid off and one fire station closed last year. central fire, in the meantime, can also call in extra firefighters in case of an emergency only. they can also lean on neighboring departments for help. state parks are open for business this weekend but next july 4th about 70 of them could be closed. china camp is one of them. the state's budget is about half what it was a year ago and there's not enough money to go around. >> it would be really sad so see it close down because it's such a beautiful view and people enjoy coming here. and also it's a nice local place to come. >> i think people would be willing to pay a little bit more to camp. i don't think we need to close
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the parks. >> super markets will donate a nickel to the park for every shop who are brings in a reusable bag. >> there was a rate increase in health insurance. the latest increase mainly affects small business and individual policyholders. premiums are climbing as little as 3% to as much as 92%. the health insurance industry said the increase reflects rising costs for diagnostic testing and increased hospitalizations. >> i have the authority right now to reject excessive rate hikes for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, property insurance and casualty insurance, but not health insurance. >> the assembly bill 52 would give the insurance commissioner the power to reject rate hikes. that result is gaining momentum because of a result of the higher premiums. some several states the commissioners can veto higher
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health insurance premiums. >> this year rafting area rivers is more dangerous than usual and there's a spike in rescues. and another rate right
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[ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family. 10 pieces of the world's best chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good. >> a daring rescue on the merced river. four deputies were swept downstream when they got caught in the debris. they were trying to reach three boys who were caught on a raft. >> i was on the phone with 9 is is 911 and i was telling her what was happening, we were in the trees for maybe two hours. >> because of some person's ignorance about the ravaging waters here at the merced river caused our officers to get in distress. >> you can hear the edge in his
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voice. that rescue ended up taking ten hours when a member of a second sheriff's department team also had to be rescued. that were 14 rescues on the merced river alone in 24 hours. high temperatures are melting the snowpack, making the rivers fast, swollen and as we saw, very dangerous. >> a big increase in the stock market yesterday. the dow jones industrial average soared 180 points. it will open at 12,582. for the week the dow gained 648 points, that's nearly a 5 1/2% jump. the nasdaq also saw a big jump of 42 points and the s & p. 500 rose 14. >> for school the news is not good. they are recommending a ten percent increase in twotition from the board of regents. it would make up the loss in the budgets. the in state tuition would rise
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by more a thousand dollars to $12,200 a year. imagine spending only a few dollars to help send a bay area student to college. it's possible through a new website called scholar match. students in financial need post their profile hoping to get people to donate money toward their college twotition. here is how it works. >> college is an expensive proposition but san francisco's is helping some students pay for their education. >> it began here at this tutoring center. men students were being accepted into college but didn't have a way to pay for it. >> the executive director of collegematch spoke us it to us from los angeles while attending a convention there. >> they work with the students before they come to us to figure out how much they need to fill in the gaps and get in pell
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grants and get the rest of the the tuition money. >> each student must fill out a profile, stating what they are interested in, their major and career goals. >> it's kind of like selling yourself without sounding effortless. >> within two weeks of posting her profile, she reached her goal due to five anonymous donor. and she has one donor los angeles who has pledged to pay for the remaining three years of edition at saint mary's college. >> that was an amazing thing to here. you feel like you win the lottery in that way because you don't realize until you go to college how much you need money in order to keep going. >> anyone can donate. >> so what we tell people it's whatever you can afford. if you can afford 50 and then you have ten other friends who have $50, you know, all of that money can get pooled together and send a scholar to college. >> the students then stay in touch with their donors. >> you update maybe every few
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months or so and tell how is school going, what's it like, how is the first year of college, did you make new friends, are the classes they hard or easy, pretty much, you know, let them know how the money is being used. >> in san francisco, leeann melendes, abc7 news. >> not to bury the lead, but probably the lead story of the day, the incredibly interesting weather we've had. >> right. heat advisories put into effect by the national weather service at 2:00 a.m. this morning. expect some very hot weather everywhere except the coast. emeryville still in the dark this morning but the sun coming up. very little fog. which day will be warmer? hot weather all the way into next week. i will have the forecast, the temperatures and more coming up. >> speaking of hot, there's a beard. what set off brian wilson last night in detroit. easy, brian. it's coming up next in sports. ♪
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carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. >> welcome back, 5:17 this morning. ice a gorgeous forecast on the way, and that is, i have to add, if you like hot temperatures. if you do, boy, are you in for a nice spell. lisa has the forecast in just a minute.
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the san francisco girls choir starts a week-long tour of kuba today. ♪ last night there was a send-off concert at calvary church on fillmore street. they will give four concerts with a special 4th of july celebration. they will also take part in master classes and perform with the leading ensembles. last year they picked up two grammys for the 8th symphony and the san francisco symphony. i thought it curious they are going to kuba for the 4th of july. but we have great temperatures around here. let's talk about that. >> like you said, if you leak it hot. it will be very toasty. but we have a couple places that will stay comfortable. right now it's clear. we are looking from the sutro camera. by tonight we will see the winds
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go offshore. tomorrow will be the hottest day. it looks like we will take a little bit of a dip on the 4th of july, but nothing too noticeable if you are in our inland valleys. right now we are starting out with numbers in the 60s. in livermore, 60 concord. good morning, san jose, 53 for you. 54 at our coast with 57 in napa. here's what is going on. we are looking at the clear start, mild temperatures this morning. heat advisory from about 1:00 this afternoon until about 9:00 tonight and the heat will hold through the 4th of july and maybe beyond that. we will get more of a sea breeze but the inland valleys will stay in the 90s. here's what's going on. notice temperatures near 100 degrees today from our east bay valleys, the santa clara valley. but at the coast you will remain cool. you will sea a weak see breeze here. i said tonight you will see the winds go offshore and that's why tomorrow temperatures will come up a couple more degrees. we have surface-high pressure to
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the north building into the pacific northwest. we also have another high to the south of us, aligning for clear conditions all the way from north to south, making up tore a hot holiday weekend. this morning there are a few patches of fog along the shoreline so the marine layer very shallow, just about 200 feet. that will quickly dissipate and we will see 70s today from big sur. 104 fresno with 93 yosemite and 86 in los angeles. take a look at the desert, 117 in palm springs. if you are headed out to the sierra nevada today, tonight or tomorrow, look for the mid-80s. rapid snowmelt going on there. and the southern sierra in the 90s. do be careful out there. the water is very cold and running very fast. so a lot of people outdoors this weekend and there's going to be a lot of heat out there, starting to the in the south bay. campbell, 92 degrees today. 94 here and 90 san jose. not close to records but a warm
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day today on the peninsula. 86 in red wood city, 67 in pacifica. 68 half moon bay. so a nice afternoon if you are one of the many headed out to the the beaches. 70 in the sunset, 76 downtown and in the north bay. numbers rank from the upper 60s, bodega bay. and east bay, 93. 87 in fremont and out over the hills. mid-90sed to there. it will be warmer tomorrow. down by the monterey bay there's a few patches of clouds this morning and that will linger offshore. monterey staying comfortable at 69 and 89 hollister. here's the accuweather forecast. heat advisory today, tomorrow. monday pretty much almost as hot but maybe a better sea breeze out there. we are expecting a better sea breeze. you see what happens tuesday. back to some very strong heat. then we are going to cool off a little bit. for once our heat wave not going
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away after a day or two. >> thanks a lot. more torture for a giants game where a game where brian wilson threw a tantrum in the dugout. what set him off? he did. here's sports. >> a two game losing streak to detroit to mace the american league tigers. and they put us through or seemingly daily dose of torture. the top of five scoreless. sandoval drills one into the left center gap. that will score aaron rowand and the giants go up is 11-06789 bum gartner was dealing. and one of his nine in the 7 shutout innings but he wouldn't get the win because brian wilson gives up a single. game tied at 1. in the ninth. ripped one deep to center. ground-rule double. plays chris stewart. g-men score three in the game. they go up 4-16789 in the bottom half wilson struggling again.
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gives up the rbi single to brandon inge. the beer gets the hook and he's not happy. then he will take a bat to it. he needs to take it easy. along comes jeremy affeldt. 4-3, bases loaded for detroit. lines it up the middle but to crawford for the game-inning play. 4-3, the final. diamondbacks in town and harden was terrific n the fifth gets miranda swinging. and double down the right-field line, cliff pennington and coco crisp both score and utility about the a's up 5-1. in the sixth, harden getting help from his defense. parra sends one deep into center. question coco crisp says not on my watch! rich harden gets his first win of the year, 5-4, the final.
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>> in colorado mark ellis knows how to make a first impression. a day after being traded from the a's he goes 3 for 5, a home run, and 3 rbi and leads the rockies to a 9-0 win over the royals. i thought there was going to be an upset yesterday in the men's system mice it would have been andy murray knocking off rafael nadal. but they are looking for their first male champion in 75 years and the drought continues. how about this world champion? mark wood, the five time match boring. andy murray came out smoking. a big forehand nadel can't handle. he will take the first set. but in the second, rips the backhand. check out the touch at the net. that is some soft hands. he wins the second. he rolled from there. on match point, the big serve. watch his forehand. that's nasty. defending champion has won 20 straight women den matches for the victory.
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and djokovic meeting tonga. djokovic, the ace. he takes the first one. and watch the reflections at the net from the big guy. he would win the third set but too much novak in the fourth. tsonga can't handle the serve and with the win djokovic takes over the number one ranking from nadel and will go on to face rafael nadal. the nba lockout is official with the league shutting down thursday night at 9:01:00 p.m. teams can no longer contact players, agents or family members until a new bargaining agreement is reached catch lot of players will be going overseas to play. some will go back to school and some will chill and go back to their families. they are not optimistic about the lockout. >> i just feel frustrated because i feel generally that the league is in good shape. there's a lot of excitement and
5:26 am
for us to have this type of potential work stoppage would be catastrophic. with the global economy, the way things are, there's a lot of uncertainty moving forward, more than in the past in my opinion. second round of golf. shot of the day on the 18. going right at it. bottom of the jar for birdie and by doing so he makes the cut. k. j. choi, check this out. 6-under 64, 7-under, he leads by two strokes. that's the way the ball bounces. have a save holiday weekend. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> we will show you how cops in chinatown are trying to keep a lid on illegal fireworks sale, especially on line. >> and also what a new study said 4th of july parades do to shape your political persrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrñ
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>> good morning. police are patrolling china down they are checking online for illegal sales. authorities don't want to see this kind of thing again. outlawed fireworks set off fires in neighbors, endangering communities. dick leon the city's stepped-up efforts. >> this is what worries cal fire, the sale of fireworks on
5:30 am
websites like craigslist. >> whether they are safe, it is against the law to sell them on the internet. >> in the past five years they have seen an increase in the sales. the agency said it's a huge business. >> we have been able to confirst skate anywhere between 65,000 to 100,000 pounds ever illegal fireworks every year. that's not only through the internet but that's also off the streets >> but street sales still make up most of the illegal fireworks trade. these teenagers were in chinatown looking for fireworks. >> is if pretty easy? >> no. we heard it's been easy, but i cannot find fireworks. >> maybe they weren't looking in the right places because the young entrepreneurs were out here in mass. >> the whole street, all the way down to bush street, a lot of little kids, 15 year olds, are selling fireworks on every corner. >> we bumped into a team of officers from a nearby central station who were look for them, as well n the past police have confiscated lots of fireworks
5:31 am
here. just last week undercover officers in china town made several arrests and seized more contraband. >> there was quite a variety of fireworks and some the more powerful m80 types. >> the 4th of july i won't here explosions. >> she knows just how powerful m-80s can be. four years ago on july 4th she and her friends were in dolores park watching the fireworks display from the wharf when people began throwing m-80s into the crowd. >> we call scattered and it tore apart my right-hand. >> she lost one finger and tendons in other fingers were swervely damaged. she has gone through twelve surgeries and lots of hand therapies over the years. she's now going to college on the east coast and she's a drumner a band. she tells me she's become quite
5:32 am
good at holding a drumstick with her injured hand. all of that is good news. vic lee, abc7 news. times are about to get cuffer for some of california's poorest residents. billions in medicaid runs out this week. abc7 cecilia vaga reports on the impact for millions of people. >> leeannna powell is one of the 7.6 californians who rely on medicare for healthcare. she has dreams of becoming a nurse. if there are more cuts to the system, she fierce the worst. >> everybody who uses social services, med ical. they aren't criminals. >> the money runs out this week. this woman advises the poorest of the poor at the east bay law
5:33 am
center. she said people are being forced to make desperate decisions. >> you decide one versus the other, and if you decide medical co-pays so your kid could see the doctor, you may not have money to pay rent. >> part of the cuts mean california will be force today reduce their medicare payments to doctors and hospitals, and that means poor people will have an even tougher time getting medical treatment. >> the cuts also mean that california recipients pay new co-pays for drugs, doctor appointments and hospital visits and they will get just 7 doctor visits a year unless a doctor approves more. >> john grahame directs healthcare studies at the pacific research institute think tank. >> there's a reality here that we've hit that's correct we are bust. despite massive increases in the spending over the years, we aren't seeing good outcomes, they aren't seeing good access to care so we need a fundamentally different model. >> washington is considering even more cuts and leeanna can't
5:34 am
imagine what in a might mean for her or her future. >> i have worked. i'm not abusing the system. i can become a productive citizen. >> in oakland, cecilia vaga, abc7 news. french authorities are reporting that country's first death from the european e. coli outbreak. health officials say a 78-year-old woman died this morning. 48 detectives from e. coli have already been reported in germany where almost 4,000 people are ill. many are suffering from a complication that could cause kidney failure. the source of the outbreak is believed to be a batch of an herb, the seeds of which came from egypt. the former head of the ief is free on bail this morning. dominic strauss-kahn released by a judge yesterday. the case against him appears to be falling apart. prosecutors now hay the house keep who are accused him of raping her has a criminal record
5:35 am
and she transferred money from a drug dealer to her checking account posing serious questions about her credibility. >> today is a the fires giant step in the right direction. the next step will lead to the complete dismiss alf the charges. >> but manhattan's district attorney hasn't decided whether to drop the case yet. strauss-kahn is free to control within the united states but they still hold his passport so he cannot leave the country. >>. maria shriver has filed for divorce from arnold schwarzenegger. it does not list the date they separated. it comes six weeks after he admitted fathering a child with a member of their household staff. she seeks custody. their children. millions of people will celebrate the 4th of july weekend by taking in a parade. tonight there's a new study -- this morning i should say there's a new study that suggests the simple act of taking your act to see the parade shapes up not only their
5:36 am
patriotism, but their politics. here's sharon. >> forget independence. researchers say the 4th of july is really for republicans. a study out today shows 4th of july parades not only boost gonzales turnouts at the policy, they boost the likelihood that the kids watching will become republicans. yes, republicans. >> bull, bull! >> researchers claim that every year a child goes to a 4th of july parade it lays the likelihood by 2% that they will become a republican. >> they might already be republican. >> but not everyone is ready to hand the holiday over. >> do not tell me it is a conservative holiday. don't tell me they are the only people who love america. it's not true! it's not true! >> after all, the parade in her hometown, boston, one of the oldest in the country, they haven't elected a republican mayor since 1926. most people are adamant that the
5:37 am
4th is a birthday party, not a political one. abc news, new york. the warm weather and sunny skies are bringing people outdoors. yesterday temperatures reached the mid-90s in some of the inland areas of the bay area. san francisco's washington scare park busy in the middle of the day as a lot of people started their long weekend early. >> you get outside on the 4th of july weekend and to a little reading since the san francisco fog is gone for the time being. >> it was nice yesterday. it will be hot today. >> that's right. it was hot yesterday inland, but today a heat advisory that's going to last through tomorrow. the 4th, most is hot and we have some very hot weather, into the middle of next week. a live look outside. no fog. that's one of the reasons i'll have your temperatures and a look at the next seven days coming up. >> all right, lisa. and a new food safety la cantera be implemented quite yet w he will tell you why there's a delay.
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>> a live picture for you look over the emeryville camera. there's a thin line of it, a couple bugs watching the show as you see them flying by the lens out there. we will name them later in the newscast. the main thing is we have a little bit of fog but heat is on the way. lisa is here to tell but that. >>. people are soaring over the justin morgan plaza thanks to the return of the zip line. the city's wreck and park department have partnered with a company from canada to offer the aerial rides from now until october. campers and their counselors took the first rides yesterday. crowds flocked to the zip lines in the spring of last year but this time the crowds may not be so big because it was free last time and this time it's costing
5:41 am
$29 per ride. all right. you provide the thrills. what's going on weather-wise? we have some heat. >> do we ever. but we showed a few cameras where there was no fog so there's a little bit out there this morning. a couple hundred feet, the view. >> not going to last. >> no. you are looking at mount tam this morning. it will dissipate in about the next two or three hours. a weak sea breeze at the coast. if you don't like the heat, head out to the shoreline because we will warm up very quickly today. although i think tomorrow will be warmer than today. and monday a little bit cooler. 59 in red wood city. that's only if you are around the bay and along the coast. we are going to see the heat hold for the next several days in our inland valley. 60 fremont, mountain view, 62 for you. 54 half moon bay and 55 san francisco. mostly clear and mild this morning. the heat advisory right afternoon until about 9:00 tonight. temperatures will stay warm throughout the evening hours. we will see the heat hold inland
5:42 am
through monday. and the sea breeze is confined in the shoreline. that's where we are see temperatures in the 60s to near 70, but else where are temperatures making it into the 90s. the north bay valleys near 100, east bay valleys mid-90s, santa clara valley and all the way down to santa cruz where we are looking still at some fog this morning. high pressure, double barrel high pressure moving in at the surface from the north of us and also the desert southwest allowing for the clear conditions today, tomorrow and the sea breeze pretty weak. so you will have to be right at the coast today to enjoy those cooler temperatures. hot numbers right on through the 4th. so if you are planning on the fireworks, probably a good forecast for you. but elsewhere, boy, very, very warm. in the southern sierra, 93. 84 in the northern sierra with 98 in sacramento. look at los angeles. 86 degrees with 117 degrees in
5:43 am
palm springs. so in southern california, notice you will be in the mid-80s today and even warmer weather tomorrow and on the 4th. san diego pretty nice, mid-and upper 70s. yeah, this is where the numbers are quite excessive. triple digits right on through early next week, the 4th through vegas and palm springs. back home we are looking at numbers today around 90 in san jose, 87 milpitas, peninsula 82, san mateo and 78 milbrae. san francisco at 76 today. no records but a very comfortable day in the city in the north bay getting hot. santa rosa 93. a warm day on the east bay with numbers ranging from 80 in richmond, 88 hercules, 86 newark, and inland valleys mid-90s today. there could be numbers near 100 degrees and down my monterey bay still a few patches of fog, keeping it at 70 at the boardwalk and 75 watsonville. here's the 7 day forecast.
5:44 am
no big breaks from the heat. hot today and warmer tomorrow, the 4th. patchy fog at our coast. and hot again on tuesday and then the local sea breeze will bring the temperatures down into the low 60s by the middle to the end of next week. >> our director, jerry, is terrified that this fog is going to interfere with his fireworks display watching monday night in san francisco. is that going to happen? >> no, not like last year. if you remember last year we had the surge. i think this year we are going to luck out. >> keep it clear. >> yeah. >> there's your answer, jay. a new state law requires restaurant workers to pass an exam on food safety but a language barrier and a lack of notice is delaying the rollout. how teaching food safety can lead to healthier eating. >> most of the time dining out is a pleasant experience but a rare exception could lead to the hospital. >> sick for a few days from food poisoning and ended up in an emergency room. >> prevention is the new goal after new law taking effect
5:45 am
friday that requires everyone in a restaurant to have one of these, a certificate after taking a class and an examine on food handle and safety. >> i think most restaurants don't even know about this. itit was a foulke accident we en found out about it. >> jeff is the executive chef chef of restaurant in cupertino. sanitation is a priority for him and his kitchen assistant while the now law hasn't been widely publicized, he recognizes bad practices when you see them going out to eat. >> you see them smoking cigarettes, touching their hair, wiping their hands there. are some issues involved. with the most common thing is just a staph infection or staph contamination and that can be prevented simply by washing hands. the county's environmental health department will do outreach over the next six months to encourage compliance. >> everyone who will be touching the food, whether the wait staff or the bus staff or the people
5:46 am
actually preparing the food will be required to have this food handlers card. >> the test originally was only available in english and spanish but with the proliferation of asian and other ethnic restaurants, the test is now available in chinese. >> it's expected that exams in even more languaging will be needed. they said it two two hours to complete the process. >> there's a lot of people, including myself, that can be remind about that kind of stuff. >> the test cost $15 but for diners it can make a big difference. abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is coming up next. >> a major catastrophy can blast
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>> lots of people will be out and about. look at the bay bridge here. you can see golden sunrise coming on. it's going to be beautiful. switching on over to our camera atop of sutro and you see the fog down below. but that fog doesn't have much of a chance today. temperatures are going to be going up and up. tomorrow they are going to be up, up and up. real hot temperatures for this fantastic holiday weekend. more from lisa in a little bit. the federal agency investigating the san bruno explosion has reprimanded pg&e for delaying the release after critical document about the pipeline. the san francisco chronicle described it as a handwritten note about a 1988 leak in a flood seam-weld in the same pipe that ruptured and exploded last september. pg&e kept the note secret two weeks while questioning employees about the leak and then told the national transportation board about the existence of that note. well, a san bruno homeowner
5:50 am
has been having trouble getting her house repaired after the pipeline explosion and fire that destroyed 38 homes there last fall. hers was damaged in the fire, raising the issue of how much of it needed to be replaced. 7 on your side's michael finney tells you about the fight with her insurance company. >> tammy points toward the epicenter of the san bruno gas explosion and fire. the blast happened just down the street from her home. >> the house was jumping up and down. we had a hard time getting out because there was no floor under us when we were trying to run. it was jumping up and down and back and forth. >> nine months later the brick that crumbled off the front of her home has been replaced. the chimney, fireplace and shattered times have been repaired. the cracks on the wall on the side of the house have been patched up. the suit has been cleaned up, and the bathroom gutted and rebuild. state farm paid for all the needed work except one very expensive one. >> the roof has been replaced. it's been replaced but the
5:51 am
insurance company refused to pay for the roof. >> tammy sent two reports from contractors, both recommending that the 25-year-old roof be replaced. one report stated the majority of the damage was to the southeast, facing the site of the gas explosion. the other stated the cause of the newly displayed shakes may have been a wind gust, a blast from the event or major foot traffic. state farm use the the analogy of someone getting into a fender-bender to explain it's position. >> given the fact that the car is 20 years old, the whole vehicle could sure use a paint job. well, the insurance company in this example is not going to repaint the entire vehicle, but it will replace the bumper that was damaged in the accident. >> reporter: state farm only agreed to pay for a roof repair but not a replacement. amy is the executive director for an advocacy group for insureds. >> the when there's a lot of
5:52 am
insurance involved they will clam up down and put up obstacles, and unless you can negotiate your way around you won't get a full and fair settlement. >> one of the most common problems for home on the other handers is they are underinsure. >> people don't check what the replacement cost of their house is on a regular basis and they don't do that and your house appreciates in value -- not as big problem now as times in the past -- but even now many people are still underinsured. >> hiring an independent person or using software problems are two good ways to get information. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. still ahead, san francisco's connection to the third transformers movie. our don sanchez has more on that. plus his review of the movie.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>> the third transformers movie opened. is it more than just a speck tackal? here is arts and entertainment reporter, don sanchez, on the isle. ♪ an ale yen ship crashes on the moon. when our astronauts go there in
5:56 am
1969, they are in awe. that is only the beginning because what is on the moon is headed our way. a special effects rathe they are about to unleash is a spectacle. it's the good guys versus the evil decepticon. sometimes you can't tell who is others, but they have some emotions. he is back with a new girlfriend. megan fox is replaced by rosie huntington whitley in this badly-written, laughable script. she shows she doesn't need to act. this is a long film, 2 1/2 hours. the final hour is the big battle in chicago and it is destroyed. kay as everywhere. somehow our hero survives. this is an exercise in excessiveness with mind-boggling
5:57 am
effects from our own industrial magic. ♪ i am really worn-out by this demolition derby orgy. the dialogue sucks and i have to feel sorry for chicago. here's a city that lost oprah and now all their landmarks are gone. but it will do great box office so i will give it a full bucket. overall, though, the picture gets a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. see you on the isle. here's lisa with a check your forecast. >> there's a little bit of fog but not everywhere you look is showing the fog. here's mount tam where skies are clear. patchy fog in the city a couple hundred feet deep. but for all my forecast friends out there, fireworks friends, including jerry, here's the forecast for the 4th of july. we have fog along the north coast. san francisco should see clear skies early.
5:58 am
8:30, 9:30 time period, patchy fogs. numbers in the 60s. i think it will be better than last year. in fact, hot if you like the temperatures warm. it will stay warmen land to the middle of next week. the only place will be the coast that you feel the sea breeze. >> i was attesting son yesterday, wonderful. >> a good crowd. >> it was. >> coming up at, a jury verdict over documents destroyed in a wildfire. they just happen to be documents written by albert einstein. and a plane incident caught on camera near sausalito yesterday. we will have i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals.
5:59 am
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